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allegro layout services

Quick Tips on Allegro Layout

Allegro is PCB layout software that allows designers to create complex and professional circuits. There are many PCB designers and Allegro layout services available, but the most popular one used is the ECAD tool by Cadence Design Systems.   What is great about Cadence Allegro PCB Design Solutions are the many benefits that comes with..

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orcad service bureau

How OrCAD 17.2-2016 Supports Design Features for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

With devices and gadgets becoming smaller than ever, the need for flexible PCBs is growing faster than many companies can handle. Good thing there are service bureaus, such as an OrCAD service bureau, of advanced flex and rigid-flex design that provide both design and manufacturing solutions for companies that can’t afford in-house PCB design services.   Rigid-Flex..

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allegro design services

Design Principles and Guidelines for the Printed Circuit Board

Designing a single Printed Circuit Board (PCB) may not seem that difficult. To design multiple, and high quality PCBs you may need to look into a company that offers OrCAD or Allegro design services. While there are many different software options available, we at CA Design trust OrCAD and Cadence Allegro. Below we’ll get into some of..

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OrCAD PCB Design

Reasons Why You Should Use OrCad for Your PCB Design

In the past, engineers were designing PCBs manually which was what everyone did before the advent of precision PCB design software like OrCAD, one of the best comprehensive PCB solutions available on the market. There are different kinds of software out there that can do a decent job when it comes to designing PCBs but only..

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electrical impedance PCBs

What is Electrical Impedance and why does it Matter

To understand Electrical Impedance let us first take a quick look at some PCB Basics.   PCB BASICS PCB stands for Printed Circuit Boards, which is essentially a board with components that are connected by traces or wires. Before the invention of PCBs, electrical circuits were built using wires instead of the more efficient and..

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OrCAD layout services

Three Fundamental PCB Design Principles

When designing a PCB circuit it is essential to keep things simple. The simpler the design is, the less of a chance of mistakes. It will also be much easier to trace and test out the circuit along the way during the development process. With our OrCAD layout services, you get the best PCB design..

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pcb design software

Some of Your Options for PCB Design

The creation of a powered device starts with the design of a printed circuit board (PCB). Unlike designers in the past, the technology of today is made possible with PCB design software. While there are free options available, they cannot compare to the level of sophistication offered by popular options, such as OrCAD or Allegro.   OrCAD vs..

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allegro layout services

Some of the Basics of PCB Design and Development

We marvel at the finished product but almost never stop to wonder about the technology behind it. In almost every powered device lies a printed circuit board (PCB), the brains of the operation. OrCAD and Allegro are two of the top software programs used to design PCBs. At CA Design we offer both OrCAD layout..

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pcb design services

Essential Applications For PCBs In The Modern Era

Electronics play an important role in the daily routine of man, from kitchen appliances to smartphones. Inside each electronic gadget that you use each day is a printed circuit board (PCB), the foundation of many electronic products these days. The growth of PCB applications continues as electronics develop and expand from one industry to another…

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remote OrCAD layout training

What Is OrCAD And How We Can Help Train You In It

Electronic engineering is a serious business and it requires state-of-the-art product designs to bring great ideas to life. Thus, OrCAD understands the importance of delivering electronic design tools in order to make life easier for electronic engineers all over the world. Below we’ll get into briefly what OrCAD and the remote OrCAD layout training we..

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