Allegro/OrCAD PCB Editor Training Class

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Day 1

A – Over‐view of Librarian
Sample part 1 – CAD01

B – Starting a new board
“Start Board” discussion
“New Board” exercise
Board outline
IDF Import/Export
Route Keep‐in
Place Keep‐in
Mounting Holes

C – Loading a new net list
Discuss File > Import > Logic

D – Placement Bin
Place > Quick‐Place

E – Schematic cross probe

F – Set‐up User Preferences

G – Mechanical placement

H – Rooms

I – Placement Exercise

J – Copy and Assign

K ‐ Mirror

L – Height areas

M – Placement Review

N – Export Placement

Day 2

A – Review
Parts, Logic Import, Placement, Quick‐Place, IDF Import/export

B – Discuss Layer Stack‐up and “Rules”

C – Set‐up Layer Stack‐up

D – Constraint Manager
Set‐up Physical Rules
Set‐up Spacing Rules
Set‐up Diff Pairs

E – Assign Diff Pairs

F – Preliminary Route exercises
Break‐out vias
Critical Routes Access
the Autorouter

G – Ground Plane

H – Split Power Plane
Text‐Lx‐Neg layers

I – Set‐up shape parameters

J – Fill areas

K – Copy vias

L – DRCs

M – Status file

N – Highlight

O – Shadow Mode

P – Edit Padstack

Q – Swap Pins/Gates

R – Alternate Parts

S – Re‐number Ref Des and Back‐annotate

Day 3

A – Review

B – Off‐board Text

C – Set‐up Layer Gerbers

D – Set‐up Fab Drawing

E – Import/Export Subdrawing

F – Set‐up Assembly Drawingr

G – Set‐up Panel Drawing

H – Run Post Processor

I – Required Fab/Assembly Files

J – Valor ODB++ files

K ‐ Questions