Concept HDL

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1.0 Day 1

1.1 Getting Started

1.1.1 Introduction

1.1.2 Explain Course Objectives:
Hands on class
Learn How to Start a New Project
Learn to use the schematic editor
Learn to use other tools in the workflow
File structure
Create Netlist and BOM
Ask students for other objectives

1.2 Basic Board Design Flow

1.2.1 Objectives:
Open an existing project and view file structure
Create a new project
Exercise project level Concept setup options
Discuss setup for user level and site level customization

1.2.2 Project (directory) Structure (each project in a separate directory)

1.2.3 View an existing project

1.2.4 Examine directory structure and files

1.3 Design Entry and Packaging

Create a two page schematic
Check for errors
Cross reference signal names
Assign refdes manually & automatically
Create netlist reports
Create BOM

1.4 Project Setup

1.4.1 Create a New Project

1.5 Editing a Schematic

1.5.1 Add Component (component browser)

1.5.2 The Standard library

1.5.3 Copy

1.5.4 Attributes

1.5.5 Draw Wire

1.5.6 Signal Names

1.5.7 System-Assigned Signal Names

1.5.8 Synonym

1.5.9 Add pwr & gnd

1.5.10 Write page

1.5.11 Manipulating Pages

1.6 Introduction to Packaging

What Packaging Does
Assigning Reference Designators Manually
Automatic Packaging
Viewing and Fixing Errors
Viewing the Design Directory

1.6.1 Packager Inputs

1.6.2 Explain Logical-to-Physical Assignment

1.6.3 Run the Packager

1.6.4 Packager Outputs

1.7 The Packager Reports

1.7.1 Objectives:

1.7.2 Electrical Rules Check

1.7.3 The Reports Utility

1.7.4 Bill of Materials

2.0 Day 2

2.1 Cross Referencer

2.2 Plotting

2.3 Hierarchical Design

2.3.1 Objectives:
Create a hierarchical design
ConceptHDL Class 16.01
Use top down methodology
Use bottom up methodology
Learn more Concept Commands
Cross reference and plot the design

2.3.2 Discuss What is Hierarchical Design?

2.3.3 Discuss Naming Issues

2.3.4 Components of a Hierarchical Block

2.3.5 Review canned hierarchical design

2.3.6 Creating a Hierarchical Design

2.3.7 Preparing the top down Schematic

2.3.8 Exploring Other Commands

2.3.9 Working with Groups

2.3.10 Preparing the bottom up Schematic

2.4 Packaging the Hierarchical Design

2.5 Introduction to Board Layout

2.5.1 Discuss Mainstream Board Design

2.5.2 Review Project Directory Structure

2.5.3 Netlist Files

2.5.4 Running Export Physical

3.0 Day 3

3.1 Transferring to Allegro

3.2 Running Import Physical

3.3 Packaging the Design

3.4 Hierarchical Connectivity

3.5 Hierarchical Cross Referencing and Plotting

3.6 PDF Generator

3.7 Design Rules

3.7.1 Objectives:
Add part properties to control placement
Add net properties to control traces
Introduce the Constraint Manager

3.7.2 Attaching Allegro Properties

3.7.3 Floor planning

3.7.4 Controlling Part Placement

3.7.5 Net_Physical_Type property

3.7.6 The Constraint Manager

3.7.7 Creating Net Classes in Constraint Manager


4.0 Day 4

4.1 Students create new schematic, independently

4.2 Creating a Design Variant (optional)

4.3 Archiving

4.4 Engineering Changes

4.4.1 Objectives:
Start a new project from an existing project
Modify and repackage the schematic
Use design differences to compare the revised schematic to the board layout

4.4.2 Modify an Existing Project

4.4.3 Importing Designs from Other Projects

4.4.4 Using Export Physical to Implement Changes

4.4.5 Previewing the ECO

4.4.6 Using the Constraint Manager with Allegro

4.4.7 Design Synchronization


4.5 Rules Checker

4.6 Advanced Use Study

4.6.1 Objectives:
Look at real issues that engineers face

4.6.2 Highlighting Critical Components

4.6.3 Highlighting Critical Routing

4.6.4 Cross Probing

4.6.5 Design Rules Summary


4.7 Design Reuse (optional)

4.7.1 Design Reuse Flow

4.7.2 Schematic Properties

4.7.3 Packaging for Reuse

4.7.4 Backannotation