OrCAD Capture Course Description

CA Design’s one-day OrCAD Capture course is suited for both new and experienced users. As always, we teach real world applications of the software, with work-arounds when they’re needed and how to optimize it’s strong points. We teach schematic capture in context with the entire board design process, not as an isolated tool. (For instance, how does your symbol library affect OrCAD Capture?)

This course covers front-end design processes such as setting up design templates, creating a netlist for board layout, and part management.

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Topics covered in this course include:

Starting a new project

Setting the design parameters

Modifying an existing project

Adding additional sheets

Building parts and symbols

Advantages of using CIS

Adding part and net properties

Reference designator options

Using intersheet signal references

Creating a Bill of Materials

Creating a netlist for Cadence Allegro® PCB Editor

Design re-use using data from existing designs

Multi-channel designs

Planning for ground splits in Capture

Building a buss

Power & Ground options

Building a hierarchical design, if used by client

Checking the Design