Layout for Engineers

Capabilities of, and How to Review Boards Done In, OrCAD/Cadence Allegro

Help reduce your Time-To-Market

Section 1

A – Over‐view of Librarian

Sample part 1 – CAD01

Simple Example of a PCB Footprint

B – Starting a new board

“New Board” exercise
Board outline
Mounting Holes

Board Outline Options

C – Loading a new net list

Discuss File > Import > Logic

D – Placement Bin

Place > Quick‐place

Finding Your Parts

E – Schematic cross probe

Allowing Cross-tool Interaction to find Nets & Parts

F – Rooms

A tool to assist Placement and Review

G – Placement Exercise

Practice Placing

H – Placement Review

What to Look for, What Files are Helpful

Section 2

A – Discuss Layer Stack‐up & “Rules”

How to Choose Layers

B – Constraint Manager

Set‐up Physical Rules
Set‐up Spacing Rules
Set‐up Diff Pairs

Overview of Constraints

C – Assign Diff Pairs

How to Make it Easy

D – Split Power Plane

How to Set Up and View Split Planes

E – DRCs

Waive or Fix??

F – Status file

Are you complete?

G – Highlight

Clock Nets – Components – Busses

H – Shadow Mode

Make it Easy to See Your Highlights

Section 3

A – Set‐up Layer Gerbers

How to & What to Watch out For

B – Required Fab/Assembly Files

C – Valor ODB++ files

Why use ODB?


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