Try our Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor Designers in your facility or ours!!

  • Reliable – no one can beat our reliability when it comes to meeting deadlines because we are a family of Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor designers who are willing to work through the weekends and Holidays to meet your deadlines. (at no extra charge)
  • Consistent– our quality is consistent and you avail of the same designer all the time.
  • Flexible – We can work around your schedule, your standard, style or let us know how else could we meet your requirements?
  • Personalized service, you can always talk to a live person.
  • We will work around YOUR schedule — not our schedule.
  • Be one of our repeat customers since 1988 !
  • We do it right and on time.

When you have a team of highly skilled USA-based Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor Design experts, you are guaranteed that your board is not being assigned to amateur, less experienced Allegro designers.

You will benefit from consistent high quality board delivery all the time because you will always work with the same designer that you’ve always liked working with.

We do not claim to be perfect designers. CA Design takes our errors personally. We stand behind our designs and would never charge for fixing a problem we caused. CA Design watches out for common problems that the engineer may have caused. When we see a potential problem on your schematic, we ask about it.

Our Philosophy is that “mistakes are cheaper to solve in layout than they are to fix in copper”. Our boards our 100% hand routed.

We are a family of designers and a team that will work around your schedule from Mondays to Sundays including Holidays if needed.

CA Design will do what it takes to meet your schedule. We can work around your schedule to finish on time and do it RIGHT!

We will be honest to tell you if the timeframe is unrealistic and we cannot do it within your timeframe. CA Design will inform you right away at the very start.

Daily updates sent everyday. Should we see some potential delays, you will know it immediately as we provide you with our daily morning updates of your board.

CA Design offers its 20 years PCB design expertise. Get personal attention comparable to your “in-house” PCB designer. It is like having them right in own your facility.

Interface with our Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor experts! We can go to your office in any location and interface with your engineers for a couple of days or weeks. Get direct access to your Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor designers directly and talk to Bob, Lucy, Mike, Al Santamaria, Michael, Dean, Sarma, Larry, Steve, Vera, etc. Our US-based local designers are here and can interface with you on the initial stages of your project.

You can teleconference us, call us 12 hours a day, seven days a week including Holidays and have the peace of mind that your board has that personalized service and being worked on right and on time here in the USA.

Get the real and highly skilled experts from CA Design’s team of top notch designers of the Silicon Valley.

We are your Premium source of PCB design service. Companies who are looking for quality, intricately, hand routed, well crafted designs are the ones who have been with us through the years.

CA Design cannot match your lowest quotes from your Offshore and Overseas bids. We are USA-based designers, local designers, Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor layout done here from start to finish. We set up your exclusive ftp site for added security of confidentialities for your boards.

We know Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor software inside and out and use it as primary tool. We don’t do one board every other month in the tool. CA Design uses Cadence® OrCAD® every single day. “We know how to get Cadence® OrCAD® to do anything!”

We are your signature “Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor Layout service bureau” and we do not win the pricing bid war. CA Design is a PREMIUM BRAND of Cadence® Allegro® PCB Design Service Bureau.

At CA Design, what you see is what you pay. Our policy is to avoid changes to the quote at all costs and by all means. Some companies will charge you for each little change you make. Some even charge for mistakes they make. There is nothing more discouraging than getting to the end of a project and getting a surprise in the bill.

We understand that this is an engineering process. Changes occur as long as your change does not make a significant change, CA Design will not charge more for it. If you add a BGA right at the end, or something big, we will always give you a new quote for the changes before we actually do them.

CA Design is backed up by 98% of repeat customers since 1988, main reason why we have been around in the Silicon Valley for a long time and still in demand for our premium Cadence Allegro layout service.

We value our mostly treasured repeat customers who are the “lifeblood” of our PCB design service bureau. We’ll be glad to give you the names and contact numbers of our happy clients.

Yes, we are priced higher than your other quotes but you are assured that your boards are done right and on time. We are long time users of Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor, we do it in half the time compared to less experienced designers.

In the long run, you will find our quotes more cost effective than others.

CA Design sends you a quote in an hour or 2 right after we have received your schematics, BOM and other datasheets.

We send you a flat rate or lot charge quote and delivery time that can work around your timeframe. We send an informal quote via e-mail and if required can immediately send you a formal quote on your board.

Send your schematics, Bill of materials, pdfs and other datasheets to for an instant quote.