Concept HDL Training

The Concept HDL schematic capture class is structured to provide the student with a working knowledge of the Cadence schematic entry tool Concept HDL.

The class is partially lecture, and partially lab exercises. Day one is an introduction to starting a new schematic, finding the parts from the library, placing and connecting parts on a single or two page schematic. Using a sample schematic, the student will get comfortable with the basic commands and demands of Concept HDL.

During day two , the student begins to draw a “real” schematic from his or her work load. Finding real parts, solving real issues, and building a real schematic builds confidence in the student. During day two, we infuse more commands, more properties, and more processes into the student’s “tool bag”.

Day three is the final day of the class. Using the student’s own schematic, we lead the student through everything they will need to be able to do with Concept. We show them how to generate a useable Bill of Materials, how to create a net list to bring into Layout, how to make changes to an existing schematic, how to “borrow” portions of schematics from other engineers to speed their own work. Before the class is dismissed on Day three, each student has all of their questions answered, and are confident that they will be able to be productive in the new tool.

Electrical Engineers are the primary target audience for this class. Designers may attend, if they are expected to do changes to schematics, or data entry for the engineers. A knowledge of schematic practices is required.