You Have A PCB Design. Where Should You Get Your Board Made?

Considering that PCB fabrication and assembly processes involve a great amount of precision, and because these processes are ultimately what will make your product work, it’s important to find reputable suppliers. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a catastrophe on your hands that can set your time-to-market back, cost you money, and challenge your sanity-not to mention test the patience of any investors. Ultimately, you want these processes to run smoothly-you want to work with professionals who will do the job right and provide a fully functional board.

Two Paths to Positive Results.

To ensure that you select quality vendors-not just the cheapest, fastest, or those touting sky-high promises-you will need to do the legwork and investigate your options. Or, you can simply allow CA Design to provide this service for you. In each case, here is what you will need to do to find the best fabrication and assembly vendors for your project:

Option A

Use CA Design For Vendor Selection

  1. Request a quote using the form provided.
  2. Answer any questions we may have regarding your project.
  3. Sit back and relax with the peace of mind that you’re receiving the best service and value possible.

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CA Design works with multiple third-party fabrication and assembly vendors to provide cost-effective quality while meeting schedule and schematic specifications. We stand behind the work of the manufacturers we use, and each approved vendor has gone through a rigorous selection process. Only those that provide the best service, value, and quality become our affiliates.

Option B

Do-It-Yourself Vendor Selection

  1. Research potential vendors.
  2. Determine how many vendors are needed and if vendor location is an issue.
  3. Ensure the potential suppliers are capable of producing and/or assembling your product.
  4. Request references and check the company’s history (U.S. only) with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Submit the design to receive quotes from contending companies.
  6. Pare the list down according to quality and cost factors.
  7. Visit potential supplier facilities.
  8. Narrow the list down further based upon your assessments.
  9. Test the suppliers’ products.
  10. Appoint someone from your company to be the go-to person for the design-to-manufacture and manufacture-to-assembly transition processes. (This person must be able to answer highly- technical, pertinent questions.)
  11. Select a vendor and begin the fabrication/assembly process.

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Our Service At A Glance

  • CA Design uses a variety of reputable suppliers to find the best solution for your project in terms of type, time, cost, and so on.
  • In many cases, we’ve worked with these tried-and-true vendors for twenty-plus years.
  • We’ll be your go-between expert to provide the vendors with accurate answers to questions about the design, materials, turnaround time, and more.
  • Our goal is to offer the best value for your project-saving you time and money while simultaneously ensuring that you receive a quality, functional board.
  • CA Design has numerous contacts and can even help you find a reputable flex board manufacturer.

Going through the process of vendor selection can be exceedingly frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. If fact, it could ultimately cost you more than hiring us-experts and educators in PCB Design with twenty-plus years of industry experience-to provide this service for you. Wouldn’t you rather relax, knowing that we are finding the best solution for you and ensuring a smooth, worry-free process along the way? We’re on your side and at your service. Allow us to handle your fabrication and assembly needs-we guarantee your complete satisfaction.