PCB Layout Services

shutterstock_144478243While every job is unique, CA Design employs a battle-proven process for ensuring that your design meets all of the varied specifications you require. CA Design will not design your printed circuit board (PCB) in a vacuum. We work closely with the engineer, the fabrication house, and the assembly house to ensure a premium design.

CA Design is a configuration of expert and highly skilled printed circuit board (PCB) designers working together as a team to provide you with superior printed circuit board (PCB) design layout experts to meet your demanding schedules and technical requirements.

Our top PCB designers are all experienced and talented in PCB layout services. All our designers have at least 5 years experience, most have 25 years.

CA Design completes over 200 printed circuit board (PCB) designs each year and has repeat customers from as long ago as 1988. We do everything from Analog to Digital, High Speed Designs to Power Supplies. Our printed circuit design (PCD) Experts do very large logic boards, and very small interface printed circuit boards.

Send your inquiries to: robin@cadesign.net or bobc@cadesign.net or call (707) 843-4646 now!

CA Design has established a business portfolio of 90% repeat customers, we can provide you with many references to prove the quality and timeliness of our PCB layout services.

No matter what printed circuit board (PCB) Design program you require or what printed circuit board (PCB) Design services you need including: printed circuit board (PCB) LIBRARY, Development and Maintenance….CA Design has printed circuit board (PCB) design layout experts and printed circuit board (PCB) design services for you!

There are many details of the design which must be addressed as soon as possible. To assist in the discussion of your board, CA Design has developed the “Intake Document” and the “Sign-off Sheet”. Please take a moment and download these Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat documents for reference.

The Intake Document is a very important document. Even if your board is small, by taking a minute to look at each question, we can ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Sometimes it is helpful to have the mechanical engineer review the Intake Document for mechanical concerns as well.

By getting as much information as possible up front, CA Design can better respond to your schedule requirements, and we ensure that we don’t paint ourselves into a corner later, when a conflicting requirement becomes obvious. For example, it’s easier to design for test from the start, than to add test points after the design is complete.


The Sign-Off Sheet is important as a measurement of schedule. It also ensures that the Engineer has a chance to review each step of the design before being committed to the design.

If you have any questions, please call (707) 843-4646 or email us at: robin@cadesign.net