When it comes to PCB design services, there are many design bureaus to select from. However, CA Design can confidently say that we offer the best quality for the cost. We offer an exceptional service that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. No other PCB Design Service Bureau employs only experienced senior designers who not only design but actually teach the design software! See why we are fast becoming an industry leader:

CA Design Offers:

  • Qualified, senior designers who don’t just design but actually train engineers
  • Seasoned software experience. Our designers know what pitfalls to avoid, as well as how to get around software glitches
  • Designers who utilize the best programs available in a wide variety of disciplines such as Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor, OrCAD Editor,  PADS,  P-Spice,  Hyperlinx.
  • Extremely high design standards-we set the bar for quality
  • CA Design will not design your printed circuit board (PCB) in a vacuum.
  • Comprehensive and accurate printed circuit board layout
  • We do everything from analog to digital, high speed designs to power supplies
  • A spectrum of designs ranging from very small interface printed circuit boards to very large, complex logic boards
  • Designs intended to produce boards with high yields that are easy to build and test
  • A rigid review process of each design
  • A wide range of services available in addition to layout, including engineering, fabrication and assembly
  • Competitive rates-the highest quality at a fair price
  • Top-notch customer service to ensure our customers’ needs are met and they are kept informed throughout the project cycle

How CA Design’s Skills and Services Can Benefit You:

  • Regardless of the complexity of your PCB design project, we will meet your challenge head-on
  • CA Design has been in business for over twenty years, so you can rest-assured that we are a reputable company and your design needs are in capable hands
  • Your project will be executed by a senior designer-CA Design does not employ junior designers
  • We ensure that your parameters and requirements will be wholly met
  • You are guaranteed a high-performance design that is accurate, functional, and designed for manufacturability
  • CA Design provides efficient and quick turn-around, which means the product can get to market faster!
  • You get the best bang for your buck-we specialize in high-quality, low-cost designs
  • Our customer communication is world-class, so you will always know the status of your project
  • We offer a total solution that extends beyond PCB design layout to include fabrication and assembly
  • CA Design can provide training to meet nearly any learning preference through iLearn PCB Layout Courses, e-DVD training, or live instruction

Don’t Gamble With Your Design Project. Trust the True Experts: CA Design.


To Get Started On Your PCB Design Project:

There are many details of the design which must be addressed as soon as possible. To assist in the discussion of your board, CA Design has developed the “Intake Document” and the “Sign-off Sheet”. Please take a moment and download these Microsoft Word documents for reference.

  • The Intake Document is a very important document. Even if your board is small, by taking a minute to address each question, we can ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Sometimes it is helpful to have the mechanical engineer review the Intake Document for mechanical concerns as well. By getting as much information as possible up front, CA Design can better respond to your schedule requirements, and we ensure that we won’t run into issues later when a conflicting requirement sometimes surfaces. For example, it’s easier to design for testing from the start than to add test points after the design is complete.
  • The Sign-Off Sheet is important as a measurement of schedule. It also ensures that the Engineer has a chance to review each step of the design before being committed to the design.
    Send your inquiries to: or call (707) 843-4646 today!

On-line interactive instruction or in-person classroom training

The first step to get a quote is to submit schematics, a BOM, the board dimensions, and preferred completion date. You’re welcome to call and discuss it first with one of our senior designers.