PCB Editor Training

Allegro PCB Editor Course Description

CA Design’s three day Cadence Allegro/OrCAD PCB Editor course is a complete introduction to the Cadence platform covering everything from library generation, through board outlines, placement, routing, fill areas to silk screen, assembly drawings, fabrication drawings, and final gerber packages. As always, we teach real world applications of the software, with work-arounds when they’re needed and how to optimize it’s strong points. The class is designed as a designer-to-designer class, giving real-word solutions to real-world problems. We like to use the student’s designs whenever possible to teach the student how to maximize the software to do their work.

Included below are some of the topics covered.

  • Creating Library PCB Footprints
  • Starting a new design
  • Developing the board outline
  • Importing the netlist
  • Setting the design parameters, including rules and layers
  • Placement practices
  • Multi-channel designs
  • Routing schemes
  • Fill areas and split planes and Single point grounds
  • Design rule checking
  • Full documentation including silkscreen assembly, fab, and artwork set-ups
  • Full manufacturing files including IPC netlist, drill data, xy data files