Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® Training

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CA Design offers customized, personalized training at your facility in Cadence® OrCAD® Layout, Cadence® OrCAD® Capture, PADS Power PCB, Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor, or Mentor Board Station and Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® software.

Our instructor, Bob Chandler, has been training engineers and designers in a variety of software programs for most of his career. He has a very easy training style, letting the user go at his own pace while still teaching all of the fundamentals of the program.

Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® Training
CA Design provides training on using Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD®. We’ll come to your facility for one day or an entire week to help you understand Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD®. We can take you through the entire Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® process, teaching you the shortcuts and helpful hints as we go. We can show you, from a real user’s point of view, how to set up your designs, your libraries, and your process. CA Design owner, Bob Chandler, will use your own work to illustrate the Specctra Autorouter process.

When you have finished Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD® training, feel free to call Bob, or any of our other designers at CA Design and ask them any questions you have about Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD®. Most of our designers can walk you through a trouble spot on the phone. If not, we can arrange a one-day visit to help you solve your problems.