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E-Shirt Medical Device Solutions www.eShirt.info eShirt by Medical Design Solutions is a wireless, wearable health system or “smart garment” that continuously monitors and transmits vital sign data – heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, respiratory effort, temperature, posture and activity – to create a detailed picture of health status at all times and from all places. ..
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Acoustic Ear Buds

Acoustic Ear Buds Doppler Labs www.hereplus.me Two wireless Here Buds™ and a connected app give you control over the way you hear the world.
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Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses Meta www.metaview.com Meta glasses are see-through, and digital content is displayed as a dynamic layer over your actual physical surroundings. You use natural hand gestures to touch, grab, and move digital objects intuitively.
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