Coherent, Inc.

They were very open to input and were willing to do the work in a format that my in house designers could easily maintain. The designer I usually worked with was Todd V. and I found him to be very good at the mind-reading/error and issue finding sorts of activities that indicate either long experience or good engineering background or both. I doubt the designs I had them doing stretched their engineering capabilities though and almost none had any serious signal integrity issues to worry about. They were very careful and thorough. I had them recreate a number of old designs for which I had nothing but gerber files and old pdf copies of schematics (often not matching) and I didn’t find any errors at all. They found plenty of errors for me though. I worked with 3 or 4 different designers there over the years and all have been very professional and very open to input. They were also very quick. All the designs they made for me are now in Production.