Electronic engineering is a serious business and it requires state-of-the-art product designs to bring great ideas to life. Thus, OrCAD understands the importance of delivering electronic design tools in order to make life easier for electronic engineers all over the world. Below we’ll get into briefly what OrCAD and the remote OrCAD layout training we offer at CA Design.


OrCAD At A Glance

OrCAD is focused to empower electronic engineers so that project goals can be met successfully. It is the job of the electronic engineers and printed circuit board (PCB) designers to create intuitive, powerful, and integrated technologies to work across the whole design flow seamlessly.


Services Offered At CA Design

The design solutions offered at CA Design include analog/mixed signal simulation, fully-integrated front-end design, place-and-route technologies, and signal integrity analysis. This is intended to minimize the production time, but maximize productivity.


Electronic engineers can take advantage of the services of remote OrCAD layout training from CA Design, as we strive to make learning online a priority. This way, engineers can work for themselves or for small or large enterprises. The affordable but sophisticated technology of PCB layout and design is given to help you succeed as you create your next goals.


The staff at CA Design offers OrCAD suites with the best mix of excellent scalability and cutting-edge capabilities in the industry. So, as the design improves, you will never run out of capabilities and options. The company strives to accompany every electronic engineer to become confident because of the technology, which is capable of achieving not only today’s goals, but tomorrow’s design challenges as well.


How Can You Train In It?

It is easy to train with OrCAD, as there is a PCB editor training class available for electronic engineers like you. Our remote OrCAD layout training offers flexible schedules and cost options that we can arrange for you. Just contact us or visit our website for more details about this training.


You will undergo a three-day training, which will involve all you need to know to adapt with the PCB design technology. The training will be handled by professionals in the industry, so you are guaranteed of excellent learning strategies for you to make the most out of the course.


Here are highlights of the training, which you should complete for three-days only.


On day 1, you will be introduced with the course description and the topics you will have to take up. The content will be given as you take each lesson in the training course. Such would involve an overview of the Librarian Sample, how to start a new board, loading a new net list, setting up user preferences, mechanical placement, and placement exercises, among others.


Day 2 will provide a new set of training suite, which would involve reviewing the different parts, assigning different pairs, and other related lessons. Moving further at Day 3, you would undergo reviews and basic applications on how to set up different fab, assembly, and panel drawings. Review questions are also given to ensure that you have indeed taken the PCB design training seriously.


Remote OrCAD layout training is also great for designers and teams of engineers looking to work on their projects and achieve favorable results. If you’re interested in taking classes at our offices, that can be arranged as well. We’re located in wine country just north of San Francisco.