Electronics play an important role in the daily routine of man, from kitchen appliances to smartphones. Inside each electronic gadget that you use each day is a printed circuit board (PCB), the foundation of many electronic products these days. The growth of PCB applications continues as electronics develop and expand from one industry to another. Such components may come in various sets of configurations, which allow them to be used in different functions. We offer PCB design services that go into some PCB applications that you might have already been using for a long time now.


Consumer Electronics

The gadgets you use on a daily basis belong to this category, which include computers and smartphones. In fact, even a refrigerator has electronic components in which a PCB is at its core. The applications of PCBs in your gadgets or consumer electronics are far-reaching. Common examples of our PCB design services that are apart of PCB applications include computers, mobile devices, recording devices, home appliances, and entertainment systems.


Industrial Applications

Among the common uses of PCBs are high-powered industrial applications. Such applications in electronic components would control mechanisms found in manufacturing facilities or factories, which require withstanding harsh conditions in many industrial settings. These PCB applications are often used in high-current industrial facilities as well as battery chargers. Some of the equipment used would include industrial, measuring, and power applications.


Medical Devices

The significance of electronics has been required in the medical and healthcare industry as well. In fact, it has been utilized in the diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment facilities for many years. As the need to develop medical applications arises, it is also important that the development of electronics must become more efficient. Thus, the growth of PCBs in medical applications have been embodied in most medical devices. Such would include healthcare and personal monitors, CT scanners and ultrasonic technology, control systems, and internal devices such as pacemakers.


Automotive Applications

In modern times, vehicles rely heavily on electronic components, as new technology has incorporated PCBs into automobiles. As a matter of fact, the use of radar has now been used in modern cars in order to avoid collisions, adapt to traffic conditions, and monitor some blind spots. Some common PCB applications within cars will include control systems, surrounding monitors, navigation devices, and audio and video devices.


Aerospace Applications

Just as automotive technology requires a great deal of durability and precision, aerospace applications need this as well. In fact, travel via aerospace requires suitable PCB designs which are needed to overcome stress and damage. Thus, the aerospace industry designed flexible PCBs to resist damage through vibrations. Aside from the required high efficiency and function, it should be made precise to achieve optimal function and avoid technical problems. Monitoring and testing equipment are just a few of the common aerospace applications of PCBs. These will be used in accelerometers, microphones, pressure sensors, and force sensors. Likewise, it would be used to test and develop air vehicles. These will be used to collect data during vibration, flight testing, and structural procedures.


Other applications for PCBs would include lighting for automotive, telecommunication, and the computer technology industry. Likewise, such PCB applications will also be found in marine, security, and broadcasting technology. If you are looking for PCB design services for your product, contact CA Design today!