Did you know that PCB design used to be a manual process?


Considering how complex electronic circuits tend to be, the work needed to complete one layout is labor-intensive and time-consuming.


Thanks to Allegro layout services provided by service bureaus such as CA Design, PCB design is quicker and more convenient. This also means manufacturers can afford to innovate and improve existing technologies and equipment with ease and speed.


PCB Design Industry Applications

A PCB is used wherever electric paths and circuits are required, which basically covers a huge number of industries and applications. Below are some of them.


Automotive Industry

PCBs are used on power supplies, fuel regulators, satellite navigation, in-car entertainment, heater controls, dashboards, and the EMS (Engine Management Systems).



Establishing the link between farming and circuit boards may seem far-fetched but intricate PCB design is required in tractor electronics, humidity control, soil analysis, and grain measurement.



Without PCBs, radio frequency boards and booster stations can’t be. The same is true for antenna, amplifiers, transmitters, and receivers.



A computer is basically a huge PCB with a number of PCBs put together and interconnected. These include memory interface cards, flex connectors, and the mother and daughter boards.



From radar to armored car controls, a PCB is required to build and operate them. While advancements and innovations are made on features and functions, implementation would be impossible without the printed circuits. Other electronics used in defense that rely heavily on PCBs are RF projects, hostile electronics detection and blocking, and antenna.


Health and Safety

PCBs are required to make emergency lighting and alarms work. Food temperature control and alarm, site warning alarms, and lights of building sites need them just as much.


Marine Industry

In the marine industry, PCB applications are most common in marine instruments used to man a boat or a ship. From the dashboards to power distribution and measurement, PCBs play a vital role. Even exit and spot lights need printed circuit boards.


Medical Industry

X-ray, heart monitors, pump control, MRI, and blood analysis equipment are just some of the devices in the medical sector that are made up of a PCB and a host of electronic parts.


Smart Security

Burglar alarms, closed circuit televisions, electronic door locks, and motion sensors are just some of the electronic-dependent security systems that use a PCB. Depending on the size of the equipment, the circuit boards can range from tiny to large.


Signs and Lighting

Shop signs and road signs that operate using flashing LED or other technology use a PCB to make the devices work according to design and function. The same is true for lighting and emergency lighting, such as beacons, vehicle hazard lights, aircraft and marine cabin lighting.



Aside from the PCBs used in the automotive industry, they are required on electronic devices that assist transportation processes, such as tracking devices for tracking and monitoring, reverse alarms for safe reverse maneuver and navigation, rail and train controls to operate rail and train stations, and immobilizers that prevent vehicles from being stolen.


Suffice to say that where equipment needs electricity to work, you are sure to find a printed circuit board, regardless of how small.


Are you in the process of building a PCB-reliant machine? Hire Allegro layout services for a quick and cost-effective design.


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