pcb design software

Some of Your Options for PCB Design

The creation of a powered device starts with the design of a printed circuit board (PCB). Unlike designers in the past, the technology of today is made possible with PCB design software. While there are free options available, they cannot compare to the level of sophistication offered by popular options, such as OrCAD or Allegro.   OrCAD vs..

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allegro layout services

Some of the Basics of PCB Design and Development

We marvel at the finished product but almost never stop to wonder about the technology behind it. In almost every powered device lies a printed circuit board (PCB), the brains of the operation. OrCAD and Allegro are two of the top software programs used to design PCBs. At CA Design we offer both OrCAD layout..

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pcb design services

Essential Applications For PCBs In The Modern Era

Electronics play an important role in the daily routine of man, from kitchen appliances to smartphones. Inside each electronic gadget that you use each day is a printed circuit board (PCB), the foundation of many electronic products these days. The growth of PCB applications continues as electronics develop and expand from one industry to another…

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remote OrCAD layout training

What Is OrCAD And How We Can Help Train You In It

Electronic engineering is a serious business and it requires state-of-the-art product designs to bring great ideas to life. Thus, OrCAD understands the importance of delivering electronic design tools in order to make life easier for electronic engineers all over the world. Below we’ll get into briefly what OrCAD and the remote OrCAD layout training we..

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