When designing a PCB circuit it is essential to keep things simple. The simpler the design is, the less of a chance of mistakes. It will also be much easier to trace and test out the circuit along the way during the development process. With our OrCAD layout services, you get the best PCB design in the industry. Below we’ll get into some of the principles of PCB design outlined in our OrCAD layout services.


Simplicity is Key

If you equate a complete and finished PCB circuit to a human body, the PCB lead pads would be like the nerves and tissues that would interconnect the different vital organs of the body, wherein the organs would be the different electrical components used depending on the intended purpose of the PCB circuit. A good design must learn from the efficiency on how the different organs of the body have been placed relative to each other.


One of the best approaches to having great PCB design is by hiring third party companies that specialize in providing quality OrCAD Layout Services. Though the one Achilles heel when going this route is relying on the best communication between the client and the service provider. Any minor miscommunication could lead to millions worth of recall.



When designing a PCB circuit, you must first spend a lot of time drawing a mockup concept before you actually go about building a completed board. This first step is crucial and will help you avoid a ton of headaches in the future.


Many beginners and mid-level talents fall for the trap of skipping the good old classroom-learned schematics. This is especially true when an engineer or designer is faced with a simple requirement and would think that making a full schematic mock-up is just a total waste of time.


On the contrary, learning to make use of schematics and setting it up as a stark default step in your PCB circuit design process and building, will ultimately save you time and money in the long haul.


For one when you make the schematic you will have thought of all the components to be used and how the rest of the circuit should work with each other in extreme detail. This will help you work faster later on as you go ahead and build the circuit since you won’t have to go through the logic of the PCB circuit again – since you have already thought of the complete circuit ahead of time.


The schematic will provide you with a thorough visual guide of the complete circuit and help you easily spot any pitfalls during the actual layout process of the PCB.


When to Outsource OrCAD Layout Services

It is one thing to design a circuit board on paper and it is another thing to actually build it without error and as perfectly as possible.


If you are having trouble during the implementation of your schematics or if you think you will, you could try bringing in some outside help.


If you bring someone in the loop before you actually begin with the layout process you might even actually save time by letting him or her look through and critique your schematics. Two heads are always better than one. Contact CA Design today for our OrCAD layout services.