In the past, engineers were designing PCBs manually which was what everyone did before the advent of precision PCB design software like OrCAD, one of the best comprehensive PCB solutions available on the market. There are different kinds of software out there that can do a decent job when it comes to designing PCBs but only a few can match the functionalities that OrCAD PCB design has to offer.


It is one of the more Advanced PCB Editor Software

Being constantly updated to adhere to the latest standards used in PCBs worldwide, you will have the most value for your money if you choose to use OrCAD PCB design. It has the history that it needs despite switching ownership throughout its history.


It is relatively easy to learn

When trying to learn any new skill, you will need to take into account the time that needs to be put aside in order for you to actually become proficient at it. This is called the learning curve, which is a variable that is different from person to person. However, because of the popularity of OrCAD PCB design, there are many remote OrCAD layout training courses available that can help you or anyone from your company learn it faster.


If you wish to try the software out before investing or availing of our remote OrCAD layout training, you can download the software for free. A free trial of OrCAD can be downloaded from their official site. Just navigate to and on the homepage you will find the link for their free trial offer.


You can choose to outsource it

You have the option of outsourcing your PCB design process if you choose to do so. There are a lot of OrCAD PCB design services professionals or companies online and offline that offer such services. This can be a logical and an economical choice especially for small scale jobs. Most small companies would rather entrust this part of the process to experienced experts rather than spend money on developing their own in-house.


Updated and New OrCAD Features

The latest release of the OrCAD software boasts of helping its users become more efficient when it comes to the product design cycle. This is achieved through the improvements that affect the manufacturing flow, the addition of more advanced routing features, and enhancement of the interactive3D canvas. With OrCAD you will not only get things done faster but you will also save money.


It has Customizable Workflow and Toolbars

The new version has a customizable quick access feature that lets you access your favorite commands easily. This toolbar will allow you to enhance your workflow and allow you to get things done faster.


New Routing Features Advancement

Advanced features called route optimization and route clearance view, which optimizes spacing from trace to feature and provides assistance in the routing process respectively.


A New Feature for Design for Manufacturing Technology

This feature incorporates fabrication checks in the constraint management system of the OrCAD software. This feature will cut the time that it takes when using the traditional design-to-manufacturing flow.


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